Your First Visit

What To Expect At Our Durham Office

Our upbeat, welcoming team takes the intimidation out of dentistry and makes the entire experience fun and informative – for kids and parents alike. As parents, some of us get anxious introducing our little ones to new experiences. Our Durham team is there for you and your child. We treat every kid like a star! 

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Our Philosophy

Our approach to pediatric dentistry is nurturing and practical. Baby teeth are important, not just to maintain a healthy mouth but to set the stage for  permanent teeth. However, we also know baby teeth will eventually fall out (most anyway!). That is why:

We are committed to never overtreating and to personalizing treatment options to best suit your child’s individual needs and comfort level. 

We love empowering kids to prevent tooth decay by giving them the tools and knowledge to make better decisions about diet and hygiene habits. 

We even gamify hygiene routines to help kids stay motivated and have fun and help parents stay involved too!

How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Visit:

Familiarize them with our Office Tour:

Show them pictures of the outside and inside of our building so they are more comfortable walking in.

Get to know your child care team:

Show your child pictures of our smiling doctors, assistants and admin staff (make sure they see our silly faces behind each picture!), so they are familiar with us even before they come in. Our New Patient care team will reach out to you so you know who you will be working with during your 1st visit.

Tell them how exciting this adventure will be:

Use positive words to explain that they will be visiting a tooth doctor. Tell them that we will be counting and cleaning their teeth.

Decide if you want to accompany your child:

Most younger kids need the support of their parents especially during their first visit. We have an open door policy for parents of kids of all ages. But, just as 5-year-olds go to kindergarten on their own, once your child is comfortable in our offices (usually after the first visit), you may want to let them go back on their own for their exam and cleaning. That is a decision for you to make as the parent. We want our parents and our children to be comfortable and also recognize their ability to be independent (in some ways) when they are ready and motivated to be.

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How to Prepare as a Parent:

Complete your forms

This saves our parents a lot of time and you can do it anytime at your convenience before your appointment. Once an appointment is made, you can login to our online portal to complete your forms. We can also have you complete forms in our office on our tablets (sanitized after every use).

Establish your method of payment

We believe oral health care for kids should be affordable. That is why we choose to be in network with several insurance companies and we also accept out of network plans. We also accept all other forms of payment (cash, credit cards), except personal checks. Click here for more information on Insurance and Financing.


Confirm your appointment via text

When we have a confirmed appointment, we are able to prepare ahead of time with a designated team that is excited and ready to start the oral health journey with you and your child. An unconfirmed appointment may experience a longer wait and will not always have a pre-designated team member.

First Visit for $129

Our New Patient Special includes everything your little one will need to get started.

Standard Cleaning

If your child has all of their primary teeth, we will gently clean them and remove all plaque and debris to promote a healthy smile.


One of our dentists will perform a thorough exam, keeping an eye out for any hidden issues or signs of oral habits that may need correcting.

Any Necessary X-Rays

If x-rays are necessary to ensure that your child’s oral development is on track, our team will take a series of short, painless x-rays.

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New Patient Forms

We understand as busy parents ourselves that completing forms can be challenging with your kids around you. That is why we make it easy by providing you with the option to complete all our forms through our online portal at your own convenience. Our Durham team will simply email you a link to your patient portal prior to your visit.

If you are unable to complete forms online, you can also fill them out in person on tablets (sanitized  after every use) before your scheduled appointment.

The New Patient Experience

At Smile First Dental, we treat every new patient like a star!

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