Restorative Care In Durham

Why does my child need restorative dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is essential for protecting your child’s oral health. Whether they have a minor cavity, an infected tooth, or a tooth that’s been damaged or broken by an oral injury, it’s important to get assistance from an experienced pediatric dentist in Durham like our doctors at Smile First Dentist. Getting restorative care right away protects their oral health, relieves their discomfort, and prevents future complications. Contact us now to get the assistance you need.

Composite Dental Fillings

We exclusively use composite (tooth-colored) dental fillings at Smile First Dentist. These fillings are very strong and require minimal tooth preparation. They also are matched to the color of your child’s teeth, unlike traditional metal fillings that are gray in color.

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Fillings: Before & After

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Stainless Steel Pediatric Crowns

Stainless steel crowns are preferred for treating damaged primary (baby) teeth. This is because they are very inexpensive and strong. They also come in a lot of pre-fitted sizes, and can usually be placed without removing any of your child’s enamel. They provide superior protection compared to fillings.

Stainless steel crowns do have an unnatural silver color, but since they are used to treat baby teeth that will fall out naturally, this is not much of a concern. However, tooth-colored crowns made of porcelain are preferred to treat adult teeth.

Tooth-Colored Pediatric Crowns

What Are Zirconia Crowns?

At Smile First Dental in Durham, we also use white Zirconia dental crowns. These crowns are a metal-free alternative to stainless steel crowns and are biocompatible and provide superior aesthetic results. They look similar to porcelain dental crowns, but they are actually more durable and are more convenient as they come in pre-fitted sizes. This means that your child will be able to get a beautifully restored tooth in just one appointment– no impressions or waiting for a lab!

Zirconia Crown Placement

To begin the treatment process, one of our doctors will remove any decayed tooth material. Next we will select the crown size that perfectly fits in your child's smile. Your doctor will snap it into place and adhere it with dental cement, completing the procedure. It's as easy as that! You and your child will be on your way in no time.

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Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions may be necessary if your child has a severely damaged tooth that can’t be saved with other methods of restorative dentistry at Smile First Dentist. Here’s what you can expect from the process.

Numbing & Preparation

To begin, your doctor will numb your child’s mouth and clean the area. Sedation can also be administered to keep your child more comfortable.

Loosening & Pulling The Tooth

We will use special tools to loosen the connection between your child’s tooth and gums. Then, when it’s sufficiently loose, she will remove it using dental forceps.

Cleaning The Site

To complete the procedure, we will clean the area, if needed will (gel foam) place a spongy material that helps stop the bleeding. Then, we will send you and your child home with instructions on how to care for their mouth as they heal and recover.

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