Dental Emergencies in Durham

Dental emergencies are a common problem among kids of all ages. They’re unpredictable and can be painful. But what counts as an emergency? To make things simple, our Durham team considers any condition that’s causing your child oral pain, discomfort, or bleeding to be a dental emergency that requires same-day care.

This includes a wide variety of different conditions. For example, dental injuries like chipped, cracked, or knocked-out teeth count as dental emergencies. But so do toothaches, pulled out or damaged fillings and crowns, and even issues like food or other objects that are lodged between the teeth and can’t be removed with floss or a toothpick. 

If your child is in pain and you’re not sure what to do, the best thing to do is to contact Smile First Dentist for a same-day appointment with our team. We’re always here to help in Durham, and offer same-day appointments for kids of all ages. Give us a call or text at (919) 493-2569 to get started right away. 

Are Same-Day Appointments Available Without An Emergency?

This depends on the situation, as well as our team’s schedule. Usually, we try to reserve same-day appointments only for patients who are experiencing an emergency. This ensures that we have enough time and flexibility in the schedule to address emergency dental issues.

However, there are some cases where we can be flexible and offer same-day appointments, even if your child is not experiencing an emergency. For example, if your child needs a teeth cleaning and you’re about to go on a long vacation, we may be able to fit you in before your trip with a same-day appointment. To learn more and schedule an appointment for your little one in Durham, just call us at (919) 493-2569 to discuss our availability. 

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What Do I Need To Bring With Me To A Last-Minute Appointment?

You don’t necessarily have to bring anything to your appointment, but there are a few things you definitely should bring if possible, depending on your child’s condition and their oral injury. 

Tooth Or Tooth Fragments

If your child’s tooth is knocked out, recover the tooth, rinse it, and put it in a container of cold milk. See us within 1-2 hours to save the tooth. Tooth fragments should be treated similarly.

Damaged Dental Work

If your child has a pulled-out filling or crown, or any other damaged dental work, recover it, rinse it off, and put it in a plastic bag. Then, bring it to Smile First Dentist. We may be able to replace it, or use the damaged dental work to determine why it failed.

Activities For Your Child

Having some activities to distract your child can be helpful as they wait for their emergency appointment. Bring a book, iPad or phone, some toys, or anything else your child will want to play with while they wait for their appointment.

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The Importance Of Emergency Care

Getting same-day emergency dental care in Durham helps relieve your child’s pain and discomfort. It also prevents further complications, like a tooth infection due to a damaged tooth. With emergency dental care, you and your little one can get back to your day-to-day routines right away.