Can Tongue Ties Grow Back?

If your doctor recommends that your child get a frenectomy, then you may be having a lot of questions right now. Is it safe? How does it work? And can a tongue tie grow back? 

Here's what you need to know. 

What Is a Tongue Tie?

A tongue-tie is when the tissue connecting the tongue to the bottom of the mouth is shorter than normal. Doctors are not quite sure what causes this condition, but the good news is that it can be easy to remediate it. 

Once a tongue tie has been corrected, it does not grow back. However, it can reattach if you are not diligent about the exercises and aftercare that your doctor instructed you to do. 

Symptoms of tongue-tie can include:

  • Trouble breastfeeding; 
  • Your baby can't latch properly or loses latch easy; 
  • They can bite the breast too hard; 
  • Children experience tooth decay because they are not able to clear food with their tongue;
  • Difficulty speaking; 
  • Difficulty moving their tongue side to side or up and down.
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Can Older Children Have Frenectomies?

Usually, tongue ties are detected and corrected early in infancy. There can be cases where a tongue tie doesn't need to be corrected, but more often than not they have an impact on the baby's ability to nurse properly or to speak. 

But, if you just now learned that your child has a tongue-tie, then they can still get a frenectomy.  

This procedure is usually done with no anesthesia or a local one. For older children, the dentist might recommend general anesthesia or a combination of local anesthesia with sedation. 

But this depends on the specific circumstances of the patient, and you should discuss your options with your dentist.

Are There Any Complications Associated with Frenectomies?

Frenectomies are simple procedures that do not have complications. But there are a few things you should know, as this is a very sensitive area that can lead to excessive bleeding, infection, or hematomas. 

Talk to your dentist about what a frenectomy means and how you can lower the post-surgery risks, as well as follow your doctor’s instructions to help the healing process.

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